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Thiruvalluvar ( Muganaga natapadhu natpundru nenjith thaganaga natpadhu natpu)
The love that dwells (merely in the smiles of the face is not friendship; (but) that which dwells deep in the smiles of the heart is true friendship

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's wrong with K Balachander???????

Kamal, Rajini, Prakash Raj, Krishna, Vivek and a lot more versatile actors and actresses have one thing in common...they all have a great launch pad..the great K Balachander. "Aval oru thodar kadai", "Manadhil Urudhi vendum","Pudhu Pudhu arthangal", "Punnagai Mannan","Aboorva ragangal",'Sindu Bhairavi","Rayil Sneham"(TV serial), "Sahana" (TV serial) n lots more...the great KB sir....No one can handle relationships so magnificently like KB...there is a word in tamil"edhartham" meaning "puttin it in simple ways" and he masters the art of puttin/stating complex emotions/relationships in a simple way...you will be spell bound with his script and direction. You guys must be wondering, what's wrong with this girl she is asking what's wrong with KB and hasnt even typed anything close to the title. Hmm..."Poi" KB's 101st film...was a debbacle...his 100th film "Paarthale Paravasam" was itself a let down for so many of KB's fans like me....n this Poi was worse than it. All KBs usual characters were a part of the film except for the hero n heroine....but the movie din have the KB style and touch...guess KB has lost that glow after turning 75 and after being in serials has lost touch with film making...I know I shudn be saying this as it is not correct for a "podiya ponnu" like me to say things about the great K Balachander. I am sorry this is not said to put him down or to hurt the sentiments of his fans..I myself am a great fan of KB..but two movies in sequence have let me down and havnt made big at the box office also...When KB had gone to serial direction I was affected with the no-more-KB-movies depression but when his 100th film came out was one of the happiest person to have KB back to film-making...but all expectations were let down...n now next one in a row...sorry KB sir...stick on to serials....let the KB list have those golden film names and let not such movie names get added to that golden list...KB vazhga...avar kalai vazhga....tamizh vazhga...

Sunday, June 18, 2006


"Tere Is dil mein mere sanson ko Panaah mil Jaye
Tere Ishq mein mere Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaye"

Yash ji’s dua..

Meri is picture ko box office mein panaah mil jaye
Nahi tho baki sarey films bhi Fanaa Ho Jaye (Thaaki all awards to Yash Raj films :P)

Viewer’s like me..

Mere ticket ke paisey mujhe vapus mil jaye
Yash plz phir kabi yasi picture na banayein…

Saturday, March 18, 2006


A small story- definitely not a figment of my imagination.

Arey re arey yeh kya hua….her mobile rings. Hello, hi how r you? What a surprise? I’m walking back home. Hey nothing to worry I was just down with viral fever. Now it’s getting better. I’m just feeling tired and weak. Thanks for calling. Seeya. Goodnight. A cycle passes by her. She does not bother much and carrying some stuff is walking fast to reach her hostel soon. The lane is deserted. She is not scared and it is not very late also. It is 7:45 P.M only. "People are so obsessed with TV serials, not a soul is outside", she thinks. Her thoughts racing from TV serials to tomorrow’s meeting at office and to call her parents after reaching her hostel. She is preoccupied with her thoughts and feeling so weak that she is planning in her mind to take an off from work on Friday so that she gets a long weekend to rest and recuperate. A cycle just rides past her very close to her. Did that guy’s hand hit me behind or was it the cycle’s hand bar? Must have been the hand bar. She continues to walk trying to forget what happened and bringing back her other thoughts that had taken backseat for a few seconds. Suddenly, her legs refuse to take a step forward and her heart is beating faster than the normal. She is feeling very weak just not physically but mentally too. That guy who just passed her in cycle is waiting few yards away. The street lights are too dim and she is not able to see what he is doing. Her mind is feeling stressed but she is continuing to walk forward. She repeats in her mind that she is a brave girl and the guy is waiting for someone else. She thinks she is worrying unnecessarily and continues to walk. But no, her worries are not unwarranted. The guy as she approaches lifts his Lungi and starts to moan. She is not turning to run back, neither is she calling out for help. She is not able to think about anything at that moment but just feels very weak and oppressed. She increases her pace and tears start rolling down her cheeks. She just walks past that guy to her hostel. She is crying, crying like crazy. All her friends want to know what happened. She continues to cry and keeps repeating, “I never felt so weak in my life. I’m a courageous girl but what could I do? It was not my fault. I was not feeling well. I felt tired and weak. Why did this have to happen today of all days when I’m feeling unwell?” She sleeps off crying the entire night for feeling so weak and for tolerating that guy. She is back to work the next day with the fear of what’s going to happen tonight.
This is not the girl’s fault. I know everyone of you will come back telling she could have run, she could have called someone, she could have called the police. By the time she called out someone that guy would have disappeared. . What will she tell people when they ask her what happened? Whom will she point her finger at? How will she describe what she felt? She did not want to run away also. Run where n Why should girls/women run and hide themseleves? How long will they run away from such guys? When will all this stop? She did not want to show she was scared. She just could not do anything about the situation. She felt ashamed. For what? For some B@$t@rd’s behaviour. These things keep happening on streets in every city everyday. Every girl would have faced such things. Everyone just tries to forget these things and get on with life. Something has to be done to curb such mental/physical abuses and that’s exactly what BLANK NOISE is trying to do. Support BLANK NOISE.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Title!

Hi All,
I-was-jus-thinking-what-to-write is def not what this post is about neither it is about Why-I-did-not-blog-for-so-long post. Its jus an imagination on the reactions if-this-topic-would-have-been-addresssed-in-the-next-post by my frens/readers of this blog site. Hmm..topics
1. Government Services/Staff- My close fren Di:God how can they just make us run here n there agreed their work conditions are pathetic but that's not my fault. I pay my taxes correctly!

2.Exploitation faced by working women- RamV: hmm..Strong word Exploitation. It is a frightening, cliched, over-used, mis-used, exploited word. Whew! I shouldn have been there to read it.

3. Hey this is a new project Try it out- Bala: Aatha Blogggggggggg!!!!! This blog is left intentionally blank project. What happened to others y u guys are not bloggin these days?????????

4. Review about a book- Nil: Good read that book n give it to me. Why are friends there for?

5. About some pranks in blog site- Nil: Haha the endemic of not-bloggin is spreadin n pple are also going mad!!!!!!!!!

6. About my scooty- VRam: Is the backseat empty? Want some help????????Do u drive alone????hehe Vijay: Scooty insure ayirkiley?

7.Conduct some Opinion Poll- Silence!

8. Some post in tamil-Prit: First u don post much. Pannalum u post in Tamil. What da?

hmmmm........inum vera onum thonalai....me feeling sleepy!!!!!!!!1 leaving home...tata makkale

Bye for now,

Monday, February 20, 2006

This Page Intentionally Left Blank!


Find it out urself- Google -Type Blank-I'm feeling lucky.


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